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Thank you for coming to my website. My name is James Chambers. I'm a full time IT professional during the day in the Philadelphia area. Also I'm getting involved in building my next income with rev shares. You can find more details on my site. The purpose of this site is to showcase and provide my freelance technical and creative services. I have been freelancing intermittently since about 2004. I provide services such as computer graphic design and website development. I also provide technical services for everyday individuals such as breakfix on desktops and laptops. I mainly provide services to individuals and small businesses that is interested in creating an online presence that stands out and help compliment accounts on many of the popular social media sites. Also if you just need technical assistance. The aim is to create a central point keeping everything uniformed. Yes social media services certainly provide a good way to communicate but having your own can add more professionalism to your image. The main tools I use for web design and graphics is Joomla CMS, templates, web-hosting and Adobe Creative Suite. I also use WordPress. Note: the templates do not mean that your site will look like everyone else site. It just means that all the behind the scenes coding has been done already. A template can be fully customized to make your site however you want it to be. I also make sure that compatibility works well with mobile devices and that everything is uniformed especially with the everyday social media services you use to promote. Feel free to browse this site to view my work and services. Contact me today. I look forward to hearing your ideas and go from there.


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