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Hello everyone and welcome to my site. My name is James Chambers and I'll be sharing my knowledge about passive income. I'm an IT professional by day and by night, I do things like this along with technical creative stuff. You can view my site for more info.


We are all used to the corporate 9-5 life. It's okay but not for everyone. There is another world out there where you can find treasure in many unique ways. Some use there talent. Some use their book smarts. Some use their financial skills. Some use it all. Earning passive income first takes an out the box approach. It's a matter of having the dedication to control your own destiny. It then takes discipline and patience. Earning big cash doesn't happen over night until you have made that journey. Also very important. It is a risk. A big one. You have to know what you're doing. Don't just follow the bling. Research and network. Just sitting behind a computer blindly signing up for such services is certainly the wrong route to go. It's like driving a 100MPH recklessly w/o insurance. You have to know that at times you'll fall and at times you'll rise. Know that such programs may fall while others may thrive. Know that you'll lose money and know that you can make a lot of money. Passive income is where you let the money work for you. Money accumulates 24/7. It can be a part time or it can be a full time. Income can be little. Income can be a lot. Depends on your hard work and the chances you take. Now of course there are common ways to earn passive income such as stocks and bonds but for some reason I tend to like cryptocurrency. I can create another topic on how USD is somewhat digital also. We been passed our stored gold value. On this page I'll be discussing 3 ways you can earn passive income w/ crypto-currency. That is investing in HYIPs and Rev Shares or just profit from the value of bitcoin. My goal on this page is to share my experience and provide knowledge on how to earn passive income. You can join my FB group Passive Income with JayDigga3000

I'm about to make a change of direction dealing with these type of opportunities. Things have not went well with 1 rev share and 2 HYIPs I invested in. They all went down. Well the rev share is trying to work things out to return seed to members. This rev share was a pretty good program and the owners and admins were pretty transparent with communication. The 2 HYIPs just went away. Like I mentioned, this tends to happen HYIPs. I pretty much learned my lesson and will move on. Now there are still some pretty good programs out there mainly with rev shares like USI Tech. It's actually like a trading service that offers programs that work like rev shares. I lost too much so this risk is not for me at the moment.

Trading Coins

I've been looking into coin trading. It's a safe and legit online opportunity you can definitely earn profit from. This is more of a long term opportunity. It's not a high risk quick money program like HYIPS and most rev shares. Investing in Bitcoin is a start. It is already the most high valued and most popular crypto-currency. About 5-6 years ago it was worth around a nickel. Today it is worth close to $3K. A few months ago, it dropped to $900 so the value went up very quick within that time span. I have been investing in bitcoin since February. Very interested in how you can earn from the rising value and spend it. I explain more about bitcoin in my bitcoin section. Bitcoin is an example of how someone have bought say 100 bitcoins a while back for $200. They would have a lot of money at this point say $300K. Now of course there are other coins in the circuit like Ethereum and LiteCoin. They are not as high as Bitcoin but has the potential to become more valuable over time like bitcoin. You have to buy soon top really profit. I know many may kick themselves with the "if I just would have bought earlier" feeling after understanding that the value of coins can go up and that you can profit if you invest early in the game. Now this opportunity of course takes some intelligent action. You have to do your research. Understand the trends. Buy them when they cheap. Ethereum is worth around $260. Middle of last month it was around $100. Has the potential to become more valuable over time.

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What is bitcoin. I know it's a powerful thing. It's the new currency. You can spend it just like US dollars. Well. What is it exactly. It's a digital currency. Made up from millions of computers across the world. We call it mining bitcoins. It creates blocks of bitcoins. I say the digital version of gold. Bitcoin has a value. Around 2005 I believe it was worth around a nickel. So that meant you can buy 100s of them w/o losing out a lot. Today the average or default value is $1,000. The actual value as a write is $2,593.63. Seriously. It's now worth more than an ounce of gold. Now bitcoin has its ups and downs. It can be a risky currency to get into. You just have to know when to buy or sell. When the value drop, you buy. When the value go up, you stack. Researching bitcoin news is always a good idea also. For example, learning what effects the value going up and down at times. There are many exchange services all over the world that maintains bitcoin activity. It's common to have a lot of legal activity with services. For example if one service stop trading then the value goes down.

How to manage Bitcoin

Just like banks have accounts, bitcoin have wallets. Coinbase is a well know online exchange service where you would create an account to have a wallet. You can also create many wallets under the same account. You buy bitcoin with your currency. Now of course there is a fee but that does not really matter when you know the value will go up. You can attach accounts to Coinbase such as bank, credit and PayPal accounts. You send and receive bitcoin by using a wallet address which is a long string of characters. You want to keep this secure. There are other good wallet services you can sign up with like Blockchain. I find them to be more secure as you use a different wallet address when sending and receiving. Like I said you can spend bitcoin like US dollars. Last couple of years the bitcoin industry has come out with the bitcoin visa debit card. You use it just like any other visa debit card. It takes only the amount of bitcoin that matches the value of the transaction. When the value goes up, you can use less of your bitcoin when spending as the US dollar has a lesser value. To show the advantages of bitcoin I'll give an example. Below is a screenshot of my bitcoins managed in Quicken. I use this program to manage all my finances. I just recently started adding bitcoin. I found it cool how you can manage your bitcoin in this program blending it with my other spending and income despite the value fluctuation. I've put a lot into rev shares which I'll get into later. Since 5/9 I've made about $360 just from the rising value of bitcoin. I haven't spent any bitcoin since then. Of course I can also buy more bitcoin and let that accumulate. I also found that small purchases like gas and food w/ my regular checking account is pretty much free as the value of bitcoin rise. Goal is to spend with regular money. Buy bitcoin when you can and let it sit. Like I mentioned before these are one of the ways of earning passive income. This is what I would call the path of less risk. The only risk you'll have is when the value goes down. Good strategy is to also buy bitcoin when the price drops because you know it will go back up. The sooner you wait the more expensive your trade. It's the risk you take.

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Other ways to multiply your crypto currency

Also there are many ways you can multiply your bitcoin currency. Common ones are rev shares and HYIPS. You certainly have to do your homework when looking for good programs.

Rev Shares

Rev shares are services that sell advertisements. They provide a service to allow members to buy shares. This is called buying ad packs. You would buy a certain amount of packs and receive earnings for a certain amount of days. One rev share program would run around 60 days and your earnings will stop. Most programs would give back around 120% at the end of maturity. You can collect this 120% or you can stay in the game and continue to buy packs to increase your daily earnings. This process is called compounding. Everyday right after you seed your first packs, you want to keep buying ad packs w/ your full daily earnings. This allows you to build you ad packs w/o worrying about packs dropping.

This can be a lengthy process depending on how much you seeded. It takes an out the box and focused mind to follow this strategy. Some get frustrated and some stay in. Rev shares can be a risky business. There is definitely a future in this if you just stick with the process. It takes time.

Rev shares is a determined process with a trusted program providing an external process. The goal is to get to a sustainable level to withdraw a certain amount every day which could become your income. The more packs, the more you'll earn. So for example if you put in say $4000, just know that it will take time to build those packs to get to a sustainable level. That's why you buy packs everyday with your earnings. You're building off of profit. $4000 can multiply so many times depending on how long you stay in the game. The next goal is to take on another program and conquer that.

Recently I've been learning about the difference between internal and external rev shares. Internal means your earnings stay in the system and you use it to buy more packs. You can w/d if you want depending on where you are at in the program. Internal rev shares have stricter rules for withdrawing such as you can only take out 2X your seed money so you have to keep buying packs to continue to w/d. An external is where you buy packs and receive earnings from your wallet. You w/d your earnings daily and put it back into the system to buy more packs. Earnings are not held in the system. External is not as strict as internal when you want to w/d. It's your choice to either keep buying packs to increase your daily earnings for the long run or just collect everyday and enjoy the 140%. You have less risk if something go wrong w/ an external than an internal program.

I've had my lessons with internal rev shares and is now moving on. I'm still getting that worked out. If all go well then I'll put that into an external rev share. I've been hearing about IS Tech which I want to start soon. Lately I've been learning that you want to invest more in internal rev shares as it's a long term process. This is if your goal is to keep buying packs to get to a sustainable level and keep withdrawing. These programs tend to have a longer life span and let's you know when they are about to go down. The risk you take w/ internal rev shares is putting your trust in such a program as you put an amount in the system and you get pack a percentage everyday. The risk you take is if the program goes down before you reached your seed amount in earnings. You're taking an even bigger risk when you're repurchasing packs to get to a sustainable level as it goes back into the system and again, it is putting trust in such a program for a long period of time. Like I mentioned before earning passive income can be a risky process. HYIPs on the other hand is a bit more risky but pays faster.


Join me in Bit Kush money making machine as we take this journey to duplicate this bitcoin

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HYIP are a bit different and more riskier than rev shares but pays faster. These tend to have a short span of providing service. This is what I call the blackjack table. If you have say $500 to play with then this is a program that can give you some quick earnings. Difference with HYIPS is that the packs do not expire. So for example, if you get back what you put in, you will still continue to get earnings. Now I say this is a riskier program because once the money run out, the service is ghost. These programs are meant for you to get in and get out. There tend to be some pretty good ones out there if you research and network properly. Recently I've been introduced to Bit Kush and Bitcoins Brain. I believe site glitches on Bitcoins Brain site as it wouldn't let me deposit so I stuck w/ Bit Kush. I just started this last night. My statistics is above. You can see I put in about .2BTC. Yesterday that was about $500. In the middle is what I earned so far. In this bracket you get back 10% everyday of what you put in. This goes right into your wallet.

In this picture you'll see all the deposits so far into my wallet. They pay you every hour. What I'm doing now is taking a risk for 23 days. I seed $500 so that will allow me to w/d $50 everyday. Will do this for 10 days. That will then bring my deposit total to 1K allowing me to w/d $100 daily. I'll do this for 10 days. That will then bring my deposit total to 2K allowing me to w/d $200. Withdraw back my seed for a few days and then continue collecting $200 daily. Then I'll gradually add more funds to increase my earnings. Do this until the program goes away. Like I mentioned, HYIPs are not meant to stay around long. Join me by clicking on my statistics link above.

Disclaimer: Earnings are not guaranteed. Everyone effort is unique. This should not be considered ongoing income or replacement especially when you're new to the system. It's important to save your earnings and spend wisely.


They are important. Not the end of the world but helps out a lot with building your ad packs. It's one thing to just buy packs every day. It's another when you can share this opportunity. In rev shares you get around 6% for referrals. For each ad they buy you get earnings of around 6% I think. You can use these funds to buy packs. It starts out with you signing up under a link a sponsor gave you. This can be anyone. The screen name will show up on your account page. They'll start receiving earnings once you start buying packs. This creates what's called a pipeline where one sponsor can have say 20 people meaning 20 referrals. I have seen much proof via videos online from links of people I know personally. I have seen some succeed w/ and w/o referrals. Some take it all the way while some do it quietly. This is what we call passive income. Just another way to earn income w/o the 9-5. Unchain yourself. Have financial freedom. Relax.