IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bare with me at the moment as I'm in transition of another rev share opportunity. MPCA is a wonderful program and has put there heart and souls into making a great passive income system. They are currently going through some major financial issues. This line of income will always include taking risks. It's not easy. You have to be very business minded to survive in this industry. MPCA is doing a great job on applying plans for members to eventually get back what they put in. This is not a Madoff situation where they just jump ship with your funds. Currently I am looking into a Rev Share called Ad Pro. I wil be discussing more about this system once I start getting into the system. It follows the same process as MPCA and other similar rev share except the finances is external where MPCA was internal. That means the funds stay in your personal account instead of in the system. You withdraw your whole earnings every day and you put back in by buying more ad packs to increase your ad packs and sustainable withdraw amount. You are still taking a risk depending on how much you seed to start the program. As far as bitcoins you can pay for packs in bitcoins but they pay you in USD. You can also benefit from the bitcoin value going up allowing you to buy more ad packs. I put about 2BTC total into MPCA overtime which was around $2,300. Value now is around $3,962 as the bitcoin value now is close to 2K. About bitcoin to start MPCA when the value was around $900. Hopefully if I get this seed back from MPCA, I will use this to start my next journey with Ad Pro. Stay tuned. 


Hello. My name is James Chambers. Join me as we take this journey to reach this sustainable withdrawal amount. It takes time but it can happen. Seed your money and make it grow. This is also a good way to earn Bitcoin and take advantage of the rising value. On this site I provide detailed information about MPCA rev share and the power of Bitcoin and how to manage and use it. My goal is to also network with others that share the same vision and provide assistance. 

my goal maxedout

Here is a scenario. Start off buying say 2 bitcoins. Right now that is worth $3,075. You can build profit with bitcoin value going up alone. Best time to buy is when the value dropped to like $900 per bitcoin not to long ago. Buy whatever level packs you're comfortable with. It's best to buy higher packs as over time it will be easier to buy lower packs with your earnings. The goal is to buy as many ad packs as you can to increase your daily earnings. Buy packs with your daily earnings. You want to get to a good sustainable w/d amount. For myself 450 packs is a good starting point to start withdrawing. That is about $107 a day based on BTC value. You still need to continue buying packs to keep your earnings up. Keep the sustainable for yourself and buy packs with the rest. Also you'll be giving yourself a raise as the earnings can go up when you continue buying packs and the rise of bitcoin value.

Chart below is where I'm currently at. I started 2/2/17.

my goal 050617

Chart below shows the minimum packs that I can start withdrawing. I'll have enough to w/d sustainable everyday and continue to buy packs to increase my earnings.

my goal min


mpca logo3 I would like to introduce you to MPCA rev shares or My Paying Crypto Ads. A good system that allows you to build a nice income. I just started February 2017 and I'm loving it. MPCA is the sister company of MPA or My Paying Ads owned by Uday Nara. This is a very well-known and trusted rev share service. This is his 2nd program after much success with MPA and is still holding up. MPCA started October 2016. MPA started around March 2015. Transparency and honesty of the owners and administrators is what keeps these programs going strong. They provide Facebook pages and YouTube videos that is very well managed. They will provide every detail of what is going on in the business. The pages also allow for members to come together and share ideas. This system is very well maintained. This is not like many other rev share sites that don't last long because they promise you ad packs that don't expire. The money runs out. MPCA makes sure they run a system that allows the revenue to keep flowing and therefore allowing the program to stay around much longer.

MPCA is a rev share program that deals only with bitcoin. MPCA is not an investment HYIP or get rich quick program. It is an online advertising program that sells advertising services such as banner ads, text ads, login ads, traffic exchange ads and cash link ads. You may use these services to advertise for yor own needs to members and visitors of this site. In principle, MPCA cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity. Although I have reviewed much success from this program. It's really up to you on building that great income.

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