Hello. My name is James Chambers. I would like to introduce you to MPCA rev shares or My Paying Crypto Ads. A good system that allows you to build a nice income. I just started February 2017 and I'm loving it. MPCA is the sister company of MPA or My Paying Ads owned by Uday Nara. This is a very well-known and trusted rev share service. This is his 2nd program after much success with MPA and is still holding up. MPCA started October 2016. MPA started around March 2015. Transparency and honesty of the owners and administrators is what keeps these programs going strong. They provide Facebook pages and YouTube videos that is very well managed. They will provide every detail of what is going on in the business. The pages also allow for members to come together and share ideas. This system is very well maintained. This is not like many other rev share sites that don't last long because they promise you ad packs that don't expire. The money runs out. MPCA makes sure they run a system that allows the revenue to keep flowing and therefore allowing the program to stay around much longer.

MPCA is a rev share program that deals only with bitcoin. MPCA is not an investment HYIP or get rich quick program. It is an online advertising program that sells advertising services such as banner ads, text ads, login ads, traffic exchange ads and cash link ads. You may use these services to advertise for your own needs to members and visitors of this site. In principle, MPCA cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity. Although I have reviewed much success from this program. It's really up to you on building that great income.

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