Here you can view what is included in the process of how I design and manage websites. 
  • Hosting plan  
  • Content Management System (CMS)  
  • Templates and Extensions 
  • Add-ons such as components and modules 
  • Media Development such as graphic design

Hosting plan 

A hosting plan is the first thing needed to host anything on the web on your own web space. Price depends on what you want to do with the site. For example the more users come and utilize the site, the more bandwidth you need for your webspace. Most of the time you can always upgrade to a bigger package when needed. I mainly use Powweb which my site is hosted on. Powweb is a wonderful option for show. If you're looking for the next gen then I suggest using something like GoDaddy which I use also and has more robust selections to choose from. Web hosting mainly provides web host space, domain name and email address configuration along with a control panel to access everything under your plan. If you know you're going to have user functionality on your site then I suggest adding on SSL to your hosting plan. This provides a secure connection for user functionality.
Network Solutions - Mainly for domain name registration

Content Management System CMS 

After establishing a hosting plan, there are so many ways to implement your web design. You can go from creating something from scratch to using tools that hosting plans offer on their sites in the control panel. I mainly use a content management system CMS. This is just a package of coding and scripting developed in PHP and is used to develop a core site. It's an open source program. Examples are Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. I mainly use Joomla. A CMS is free to use. However it is just the bare bone. Pricing depends on what you add to it such as modules, components and templates which I'll discuss in those sections. 

Templates and Extensions

Templates helps make a site unique. CMSs come with templates but can look pretty boring and there is only but so much you can do to them. Templates include the style, look and navigation of your website. There is so many template resources out there. Currently I utilize This is one good source where you can choose from many different templates and extensions for your website. You can choose many and mix and match to fit any objective you have for your site. Your site does not have to use just one template, extension and style. All templates and extensions can be fully customized. Extensions provide more visual functionality for your site. This includes photo/event sliders with unique transitions and windows displaying live feeds from social media sites. Extensions usually come packaged with templates.

Add-ons such as components and modules 

Add-ons is what gives your website extra functionality. A template will already have the common and basic elements such as an area to show snippets of recent articles and an area for a calendar along with basic user login features. Pricing for add-ons varies.  Add-ons include tools for security, user/login, social, e-commerce and media. I mainy use Joomapolis which is a good suite which provides all the tools to provide community and e-commerce functionality.
JomSocial - social tool
Joomlapolis - social, user/login and e-commerce tool
Joomla add-ons - This shows a whole directory of features that can be added to a Joomla site. Some cost and some is free.

Media Development such as graphic design 

I provide custom graphic design for website development such as logos and background images. You can be given a template like I mentioned before but all the graphic design can be fully customized. I also work with animation and configuring media for websites. Tools I mainly use is Adobe Creative Suite. You can view the rest of my site for my graphic work.